About us

SALIZ is an international transport and logistics company. Successful experience since 2005 allows us to occupy one of the leading positions in the specific market segment.

It is the responsibility of SALIZ to provide a range of transport, customs, consulting and related services.

Activities of the Company are the following:

  • international freight delivery, highlighting the directions of China-Russia and Russia-China as priority; road, rail, sea and multimodal transportation;
  • customs agency - a full range of services from documentation to the release of goods for free circulation;
  • certification of goods;
  • FEA consulting - work on the search for goods and manufacturers, preparation of necessary documentation and contracts, assistance in negotiating and other related services;
  • direct payment transfers to the manufacturer;
  • Warehouse service using own warehouses in the territory of the sending countries;

Short about strategy

Nowadays, not only the speed of freight delivery is highly valued, but first of all the speed of reaction and the speed of business interaction is important. The leader is one who can not only be in compliance with time, but always can be on one step ahead others. Therefore, “Ahead of time” - is not just the SALIZ tag line, it is a brief definition of the Company's strategy and actually it is like a guide to action for each of our employees.

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Thanks to significant experience, we can guarantee with all responsibility the high quality of the services provided by our company.

The company SALIZ has successful long-term cooperation with the largest enterprises of Russia and China. The Company also has many letters of appreciation and positive feedback from individuals and organizations that have been and remain our partners.

The philosophy of SALIZ is based on two interrelated components: the absolute status of the Client and the absolute value of the reputation of the Company.

Each client, regardless of the position and the amount of the transaction, deserves a service that meets the best Russian and European standards. And for the highest quality of services provided, the Company is responsible for its entire reputation.

Each client is unique in its own way, each requires an individual approach. Understanding this is another key principle of our company.